Our Volunteer of the Month is Anne Archer.

Anne came to Rainbow last year, and brought her enthusiasm with her!  She is an active sidewalker and Horse Leader, helping with several classes on multiple weekdays, as well as filling in on short notice when she can.

Anne works as a Nanny and enjoys trail riding and dressage with her horse, Buddy.  She is also studying to be a yoga instructor for children.

Anne became involved with therapeutic riding when she donated her childhood pony, Patches, to a riding program.  She watched as dozens of kids fell in love with him, and he came into his own as a therapy pony.

When she moved to Northern Virginia last year, Anne began volunteering at Rainbow.  She really appreciates all she learns here from our fabulous instructors (our thoughts, but Anne’s words on that…) She also learns so much from other volunteers, as well as the students and the horses.

Her work ethic and attitude are a fitting tribute to her pony, Patches:  Everyone has something to share.  Thank you, Anne for sharing your time and talents with us at Rainbow!