Rainbow’s Volunteer of the Month for August is Lila Shipley

Lila Shipley came to Rainbow last summer as a Girl Power camper. She loved the camp experience and wanted to come back to Rainbow as a volunteer. Since completing the Volunteer Training this past June, Lila immediately signed up to help with ALL four of our summer camp sessions, as well as sidewalking for private lessons and helping with upcoming events!

Now a sophomore at Battlefield High School, Lila enjoys singing in the choir and playing softball. In addition to volunteering at Rainbow, she is also a teacher’s assistant with the 1st grade Sunday School at St. Katherine Drexel Mission.

Lila’s favorite Rainbow horses are Kingston and Jack (and Chance who recently retired).

Thank you, Lila for giving so much of your time to help our campers and students! We are so glad you are one of our Rainbow family members!