Rainbow’s Volunteer of the Month for April is Sonya Giffin.

Sonya is from Charleston, South Carolina. Her first introduction to Rainbow was in June 2015 when she held a 2-day Equus Workshop at our facility.  Sonya fell in love with Virginia’s horse country and moved to the area in November 2016.

Sonya loves to spend time with horses, so naturally that is what she looks forward to most when volunteering at Rainbow. Her favorite horses are Lad and our newest addition, Charlie.

Professionally, Sonya works with individuals, leaders and groups in the areas of personal growth, leadership, team building and business strategy.  Since moving to Virginia, Sonya and our own Meg, have created a business called Indieglow, offering Equus Coaching and nature-based learning.

We are thankful to have Sonya here as a volunteer Horse Leader and Side walker.  Thank you, Sonya for all your great help at Rainbow!