The Lift

We have this amazing contraption at Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center. It’s called “The Lift.”

Yes, it deserves capital letters. It’s held in very high regard like our equines, our volunteers, and our students. It doesn’t have a heart or a soul like the others, but it makes our hearts sing!

How could something made with metal and a motor make us so happy you ask? Well, “The Lift” allows us to mount up our riders who use a wheelchair for mobility. It helps us safely “lift” our riders out of their mechanical devices and gently place them on top of a horse. Then the freedom begins. It gives them the ability to sit tall and have a bird’s-eye view from atop a horse.

Oh, what a view! The metal and wheels and plastic and motors are left far behind. They are free now. Free to walk and trot and go on trails in the woods. Away from all contraptions that make life easier but are not natural like the movement of a four-legged equine.

The air is different up there. It’s lighter. It’s easier to breathe. It’s magical. The views, the air, the freedom, it’s almost too much to take in. So yes, we are all very grateful for “The Lift.”

Thank you to everyone who made this possible!